Will it run Windows 10 or 11?

The Abacus Will run windows 10 and comes pre-installed with Windows 10. (As shown on videos) The Windows 11 official support is not available at the moment but if you really wish you can by pass it using Rufus as guided in this link for example. https://www.tomshardware.com/how-to/bypass-windows-11-tpm-requirement. We have been loosely informed that with the right data MS will eventually support it.


What inspired the design of the Abacus?

We were inspired by the 80s era of computers such as the ZX Spectrum.


Is it compatible with USB keyboard/mouse?

Yes, remote USB keyboard/mouse is compatible.


If I want to install Linux Ubuntu, can I boot from the MicroSD card?

Yes, it is possible to boot from the SD card.


Is it dust/water proof?

It is water resistant and dust proof but not waterproof.


Does it have a built in battery?

No it does not have a built in battery for the Abacus compute unit, but has one for the keyboard


What's the difference between the Abacus Basic, Abacus Plus and Abacus X?

The different models offer different RAM and storage. Everything else is the same.


Which operating system does it come with? Can I install Linux instead?

It comes pre-installed with Windows 10 home version. However, you can install Linux OS yourself once you get your Abacus.


Does it work with phone/tablet/iPad?

Yes, though you will need to download an app to do this.